Do you feel like you’re constantly battling with your Vietnamese and American identity? Have you paused when greeting your aunt or uncle because you forgot which is the paternal and which is the maternal way of greeting them? Or cannot for the life of you, pronounce this one word with the correct tone?!

The Vietnamese language and the use of it, is so entrenched in Vietnamese traditions and values. For those of us who grew up speaking and understanding the language, but have never formally studied it sometimes struggle with the ability to express and communicate in Vietnamese in this modern and changing society.

Friends of Little Saigon (FLS) is so excited to announce the pilot of our first Vietnamese Language & Culture program! This program is in partnership with the Van Lang Vietnamese Language School and the Department of Neighborhoods. Along with language learning from professional teachers, you will also explore Vietnamese culture through food, exhibitions, films and books.

Registration is now closed. Keep an eye out for future classes!

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