Friends of Little Sàigòn and the Wing Luke Museum are working to research, document, and bring the Vietnamese community together to create a Little Sàigòn cultural history project. This project is a community driven effort focusing on how the community started and grew, telling the stories that have yet to be told in the larger American society. We are requesting the community to submit materials, research, and stories so that we can collect a rich and comprehensive cultural history of Little Sàigòn.

We received funding through the Office of Economic Development’s Only in Seattle grant to support this initial phase. Funding will support research and community meetings. A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is out now, seeking to hire a community researcher or community research team to gather, categorize, and analyze information, and develop a narrative around the existing research. Applications are due by August 12, 2019. Learn more about the RFQ here:

While acknowledging the existence in the past of other communities that have lived in Little Sàigòn, through outreach with the Vietnamese community and community research, we hope to start with the foundational history of the Vietnamese community and use this information to map out community timeline and cultural assets, and launching into individual narratives.

With this cultural history project, Friends of Little Sàigòn aims to retell the history of the neighborhood, acknowledge community leadership, and highlight important cultural assets of the Vietnamese community. This project is just the beginning of documenting our community history and creating a chance for future generations to learn and pass on our cultural heritage.

If you have any materials, research, and stories that document Vietnamese history in Seattle, please submit them to

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