As a result of the CID Public Safety Task Force Report in June 2016, which included a set of recommendations to improve the perceptions and realities of public safety across the District, the Public Safety Council was formed. This Council is  composed of
CID business owners, nonprofit leaders, residents, community stakeholders, and an inter-departmental collection of City staffers.

The Council is also supported by the CID’s public safety team of three full time staff – Vicky Li, CID District Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist for the Seattle Police Department; Jenifer Chao, Strategic Initiatives Adviser at the Department of Neighborhoods; and Sonny Nguyen, Public Safety Coordinator for the CID.

A breakdown of recommendations include: 1) Improve Communication and Coordination between the CID and the City, 2) Target Criminal Activities and Related Environmental Factors, and 3) Foster Public Safety through a Vibrant & Healthy Neighborhood. For 2018, the priority areas included homelessness, nightlife activation, and police-community relationships.

Learn more about what the Council and public safety team has accomplished this past year in the CID Public Safety Council Annual Report.

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