Conducted by our Research and Advocacy Intern, Tiffany Truong, the purpose of this research report is to conduct market research on ethnic small business industries, housing and other community needs in the Little Sàigòn community. The goal is to document the community’s needs, changes, and growth in order to support future advocacy and programs.

The report touches on four topics:

  1. Population
  2. Culture and Identity
  3. Housing & Development
  4. Business

Available research on Seattle’s Little Sàigòn and the Vietnamese community is generally aggregated data categorized under “Asian” and not specific to the Seattle area. The purpose of this research is to provide, collect and present missing data specifically in the Vietnamese community within Seattle, Washington.

Using data and recommendations in this report, FLS hopes to bring awareness to current issues impacting the Vietnamese and Little Sàigòn community, create programs that reflect the community’s needs and empower others to take action in preserving Little Sàigòn.

Little Saigon Business Info-graphic

Created by our Research & Advocacy Intern, Tiffany Truong