Little Saigon Park

Located at 1224 South King Street, Seattle Parks and Recreation purchased this .27-acre site in 2013 to provide the community access to open space. The Seattle Park District provides $1,736,438 for planning, design and construction of this site into a park. Seattle Parks and Recreation has been working with the community to develop a design for the park. Construction is slated for 2023.

Streetcar Station Icon Sign

The sign was designed to embody the features of a Vietnamese woman in a conical hat, an icon you see throughout Vietnam, as well as symbols of the Vietnamese heritage and freedom flag representing the refugee experience through the yellow and three red stripes.

Vietnamese Street Signs

The Vietnamese translated street signs are an extension of the translated signs throughout the Chinatown International District, marking the boundaries for each cultural community and creating a strong sense of identity and ownership for the neighborhood.

12th & Jackson Decorative Crosswalks

12th Ave and Jackson Street is known as the heart or center of Little Saigon, where businesses first started to gather and establish themselves. This intersection is a main arterial for traveling to, from, and between major downtown neighborhoods in Seattle. The design and location of the crosswalks is a reminder that you are in Little Saigon and that you should slow down and take in the scenery just like the flowing turtles and lotus flowers design in the crosswalk. The crosswalks are designed by Duy Vo, inspired by the Hoàn Kiếm Legend.

Đông Sơn Heritage Drum

The design is drawn directly from the Dong Son bronze drum known to be produced around 600 BCE or earlier by the Đông Sơn people who lived in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. The drums are an example of Vietnam’s earliest forms of metalworking showcasing geometric patterns, scenes of daily life, war, trade, and animals.