Ăn Đi: Vietnamese Cuisine and Cooking

This current twelve-month exhibit is titled Ăn Đi: Vietnamese Cuisine and Cooking. Vietnamese cuisine and cooking are essential elements of Vietnamese culture and tradition. While food is universal, it can also be personal and varied across different regions, generations, families, and experiences. Cuisine and cooking are beautiful, aromatic, and vibrant, but can also be political, subjective, and powerful. 

This exhibition showcases artwork from six local artists of Vietnamese and/or Asian descent: 

  • Dakota Billops-Breaux 
  • Jenn Ly 
  • Stephanie Mai 
  • Stacy Nguyen 
  • Khuyen Lam 
  • Simon Legaspi 
Learn more about the artists and their work here:

Upcoming Call for Art

Are you interested in showcasing your art at the Little Saigon Creative? Our latest Call for Art is now accepting proposals!

Tying the Threads

We are seeking art from up to six emerging and professional artists of Vietnamese descent that creatively interprets the theme of intergenerational healing to be featured in our upcoming exhibit in 2023.
  • Deadline: Sunday, October 16, 11:59pm PST.
  • Eligibility: Artist must be of Vietnamese descent and residing in Western Washington.
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Read the full Call for Art and find out how to apply here:
Tying the Threads