Sophia Trinh - From Suffering to Joy. A Tale of Three Generations of Artists

In the tapestry of life, creativity is our lifeline, woven into survival. Spanning three generations, Sophia Trinh’s story reflects resilience, heritage, and the power of creativity. From her nurse grandmother’s preservation of culture through stitching áo dài to her mother’s use of natural dyes as a Saigon boat person turned textile art teacher, and Sophia’s navigation of generational trauma through painting. Welcome to a world where creativity thrives; from suffering, they emerge into the radiant embrace of joy.


We invite you to enjoy this exhibit through the end of February 2024.


Learn more about Sophia and the exhibit here:

Upcoming Exhibits

Viet American Imaginaries: March 2024 – December 2024

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Artist Guidelines

Eligibility: Artists must be of Vietnamese descent to be eligible for submission.

Originality: Artwork must be original, created by the submitting artist. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Artwork will not involve the use of (artificial intelligence) AI in its creation.

Content Restrictions: Artwork must not contain explicit sexual content. Nudity and implied nudity are allowed, however, artwork must remain appropriate for a diverse audience, considering all age groups. An example of a past piece that was allowed was a watercolor painting of a uterus.

Political Messaging: Artwork must refrain from overt political messaging. Friends of Little Saigon is a 501(c)(3), which is legally prohibited from directly or indirectly participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf or opposition to any candidate for elective public office. Although we value diverse perspectives, our goal is to provide a space that focuses on cultural celebration through artistic expression. 

Gallery-Ready: Submissions must be gallery-ready, meaning artworks are well-presented, properly framed, and ready for display.