Ăn Đi: Vietnamese Cuisine and Cooking

This current twelve-month exhibit is titled Ăn Đi: Vietnamese Cuisine and Cooking. Vietnamese cuisine and cooking are essential elements of Vietnamese culture and tradition. While food is universal, it can also be personal and varied across different regions, generations, families, and experiences. Cuisine and cooking are beautiful, aromatic, and vibrant, but can also be political, subjective, and powerful. 

This exhibition showcases artwork from six local artists of Vietnamese and/or Asian descent: 

  • Dakota Billops-Breaux 
  • Jenn Ly 
  • Stephanie Mai 
  • Stacy Nguyen 
  • Khuyen Lam 
  • Simon Legaspi 
Learn more about the artists and their work here:

Upcoming Call for Art

Are you interested in showcasing your art at the Little Saigon Creative? The 2023 exhibit’s art call is closed for submissions. Stay tuned to see when the next call for art opens!

General Selection Criteria

The selection of the art will be a community process and will go through a selection committee. The community selection committee will consist of a diverse panel of community members from various art and culture backgrounds. Below are some of the selection criteria:
  • Artistic expression: Mastery of skills and techniques, communication of unique vision or perspective, approaches to process and presentation. How does the artist connect their piece and experience to the presenting theme and does the piece represent this vision?
  • Experience with the Vietnamese diaspora and/or Asian Pacific American communities: Experiences working with or being a part of the Vietnamese diaspora and/or Asian Pacific American communities; understanding their identities, challenges, and culture.
  • Representation: Does the artist and artwork represent a notion or idea valued by sectors of the Vietnamese diaspora community? Is the artist a representative of the community? Does the artist represent a voice for underrepresented communities?