Little Saigon 2030 Action Plan

Completed in August 2022, the Little Saigon 2030 Action Plan sets forth a Vision and supporting Goals and Actions for the neighborhood over the next decade. It provides a road map to guide the community as well as public and private partners as they work together to achieve the Vision. This Action Plan was developed over the course of a year by a Leadership Committee and Little Saigon community members. 

Neighborhood Vision Statement
“Little Saigon is home to a diverse community, a thriving hub for Vietnamese and Southeast Asian small businesses, and a resilient reflection of the neighborhood’s rich history and culture. It is a complete neighborhood with easy access to culture, shopping, services, housing, work, leisure, food, health, and education.”

Goals are long-term outcomes the community hopes to achieve by implementing the Action Plan. They are aspirational, expressing the community’s collective desires and values.

    • Diverse small businesses: diverse small businesses and entrepreneurs reflect the community’s identity and meet their needs.
    • Housing affordability: housing options are affordable to seniors, families, the workforce, and those in need of supportive housing.
    • Reduced crime: crime such as assault, robbery, and burglary –as well as lesser crime like vandalism and theft– is reduced.
    • Cleanliness: streets, sidewalks, and public spaces are clean.
    • Infrastructure & amenities: physical infrastructure –including walkable streets, green spaces, and neighborhood services– support public health.
    • Collaboration: there is strong communication, collaboration, and shared advocacy across the community.
Little Saigon 2030 Action Plan

Little Saigon 2020 Action Plan

Completed in 2012, the Little Saigon 2020 Action Plan is a road map that guides the community capacity building process while also addressing external displacement factors. Using a project-based approach, it aims to rally the community around tangible projects with strong community support. Key elements of the plan’s overall strategy are:
  • Build civic momentum starting with a core group of passionate community stakeholders
  • Focus that civic passion on a visionary project that aligns with community needs
  • Develop a trusted and sustainable organization designed to harness community involvement for
    the improvement of Little Saigon
  • Maximize collaboration and partnerships to leverage limited resources
Little Saigon 2020 Action Plan