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History & Community Engagement

The Little Saigon Landmark project, born from the 2020 Little Saigon Action Plan by the Friends of Little Saigon (FLS), aims to combat displacement and gentrification threats to Seattle’s Vietnamese community. Starting in 2012, the plan emphasized community ownership to safeguard the community’s identity. Through Resolution 31403 in 2012, the Seattle City Council supported this effort, leading to a Feasibility Study in 2014 and subsequent community engagement reports.

Vision to Reality

In September 2023, FLS acquired a site at 1001 S Jackson Street and 410 10th Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104, intending to develop it into a cultural hub and affordable housing. Currently in the early design and permitting phase, the project aims for groundbreaking in late 2025, with ongoing efforts to secure funding.

Community Engagement

Engagement, guided by the CID Community Engagement Toolkit, targets stakeholders at various levels, ensuring inclusive involvement in design, usage planning, and naming. Extensive translation and media outreach ensure accessibility and awareness.

Important Details

  • Ownership & Operation: FLS manages the Vietnamese Culture and Economic Center, while SCIDpda oversees affordable housing.
  • Programs: The Center hosts diverse commercial spaces, exhibitions, cultural programs, events, offices, and community meeting spaces.
  • Funding: Supported by the Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development’s Equitable Development Initiative (EDI), HUD, King County, and ongoing fundraising efforts.
  • Timeline: Community engagement till 2024, construction starting around late 2025, and completion estimated by 2027.
  • Architect: Mithun designs the residential portion, and SKL designs the Vietnamese Cultural and Economic Center’s interior.
  • Involvement: Participate in community meetings, donate to the build, or subscribe to FLS’s newsletter.
  • Business Transition: Existing businesses will continue until construction begins. FLS supports them with relocation guidance, prioritizing their retention in the CID.

Supporting Documents

Little Saigon Landmark Design Packet (ISRD)

2014 Feasibility Study

2024 Landmark Community Engagement Report

Seattle Equitable Development Initiative (EDI)

2020 Little Saigon Action Plan

2030 Little Saigon Action Plan

Landmark Project Timeline

20122020 Little Saigon Action Plan identifies community ownership and control as critical to combatting displacement and gentrification that threaten the existence of Seattle’s Vietnamese community. On September 4, Seattle City Council approves Resolution 31403 after a significant advocacy effort by FLS and partners. The resolution authorizes a Feasibility Study for the development of a “Landmark Project.”

2014Feasibility Study is completed in collaboration with Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda), identifying potential sites, uses, and massing studies to recommend a financially sustainable model of the Landmark project.

2016 – FLS completes the Landmark Community Engagement Report to ensure that the needs of the diverse and changing Vietnamese community still guide the Landmark Project vision.

2018 – Landmark Project becomes one of the “demonstration” projects to receive funding from the Seattle Equitable Development Initiative (EDI) housed in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD). The EDI was created following FLS advocacy efforts in collaboration with the Race and Social Equity Taskforce.

2022 – FLS develops the 2030 Little Saigon Action Plan, providing a road map to guide the Little Saigon community and community partners as they work together to achieve the neighborhood Vision. The Plan includes priorities for diverse small businesses, housing affordability, infrastructure & amenities, and collaboration, all of which are vital components of the Little Saigon Landmark project.

2023FLS closes on the Landmark site at 10th Ave South and South Jackson Street. FLS will own and manage the approximately 7,500 sq. ft. for the Vietnamese Culture and Economic Center, which should contain commercial kitchen(s), space for vendor stalls, open seating, office space, and flexible space for cultural activations.

2024 – FLS executes on community outreach through surveying community members, hosting a public meeting, and collecting feedback on Little Saigon Landmark usage and design.