Q: What are the eligiblity requirements for the courses?

A: Our courses are intended for adults (18+) of Vietnamese descent residing in King County, Washington. Some knowledge of Vietnamese is required for enrollment, which varies per level.


Q: Am I eligible for the course if I am not 100% Vietnamese?

A: Applicants of mixed heritage are eligible for the course.


Q: When are your courses offered?

A: Level 1 is offered in the Fall from September to November. Level 2 is offered in the Winter from January to March.


Q: What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

A: Level 1 is beginner-friendly and is recommended for individuals with basic knowledge of the language but are not yet able to engage in conversations. Students in this level will learn the Vietnamese alphabet, reading and pronunciation, and practice simple conversations. Level 2 is for intermediate language learners and will focus on more complex conversational topics and cultural knowledge.


Q: Can I enroll in Level 2 without taking Level 1?

A: FLS gives priority admission to applicants who have taken Level 1, but all eligible applicants could take Level 2 if they pass the pre-assessment quiz.


Q: What is the class schedule? Is this an online or in-person course?

A: Our courses are taught online via Zoom and Google Classroom every Saturday from 9:30am – 12:00pm. There are two in-person Exploration Activities per course for students to build community and practice Vietnamese together. A full course schedule will be sent to enrolled students.


Q: What is your class size? What is the tuition requirement?

A: We currently support a class size of 30 students maximum. A tuition fee of $250 is required for enrollment, with sliding scale financial assistance available on a first-come first-served basis. 100% of the tuition fee goes towards paying our teachers at Van Lang Cultural school and instructors for the course’s Exploration Activites.