Who we are

Our Mission

To preserve and enhance Little Saigon’s cultural, economic, and historic vitality.

Our Vision

Little Saigon is the hub of the Vietnamese American community where all families and businesses are thriving.


Friends of Little Sài Gòn staff are here to support
you and the Little Saigon community.

Quynh Pham

Executive Director

Quynh Pham (she/her) is the Executive Director of the Friends of Little Sài Gòn. In this role, she is responsible for the organization’s overall strategic direction. Quynh is passionate about supporting small immigrant/refugee owned businesses and community-driven solutions to health, safety, and wealth-building for thriving communities. Through a race and social equity lens, this means centering our culture and identities, as well as acknowledging systemic racism to find solutions that meet people where they are. Prior to FLS, she has done fundraising and organizing in the API and Vietnamese community related to youth and education, community development, as well as health and public safety. Quynh has her bachelor’s in American Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington and a master’s in Public Administration from Seattle University.

Andy Pham

Community Engagement Manager

Andy Pham (he/him) is the Community Engagement Manager at FLS, working with small businesses, residents, volunteers and community partners in the Little Saigon Community. Having grown up in South Seattle, Andy cares deeply about the macro-environmental forces that are transforming the relationship between ourselves and nature, our local neighbors and our Vietnamese community. Andy envisions a society where people of all backgrounds and lived experiences are healing and thriving, home is safe and our well-being is prioritized. Prior to FLS, he worked as a youth development worker, providing free after-school programming to immigrant and refugee youth of color living in the King County subsidized housing system. He also served on Neighborhood House’s Equity and Diversity Committee as the co-coordinator. Andy holds a BA in Economics with a concentration in International Development from Macalester College.

Annie Tran

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Annie Tran (she/her) is the Marketing & Communications Specialist at FLS. Her career has been a journey from being the Creative Director of her own marketing agency to contributing to tech startups. Annie’s educational background and professional journey have been monumental in shaping her passion for ethical storytelling and recognizing the power it holds in translating humanistic values to the broader public sphere. She believes that stories have the ability to inspire, unite, and drive positive change. Annie hopes to play her part in creating a world that is not only accepting, but is socially equitable and culturally rich. She earned her master’s degree in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University and received her undergraduate degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts from UW Bothell.

Alina Doan

Community Outreach Coordinator

Alina Doan (she/her) is the Community Outreach Coordinator at FLS. Alina spearheaded the Small Business Digital Literacy Project (SBDLP) to empower businesses to utilize digital tools. In addition to the SBDLP, she leads public safety initiatives, offers technical assistance to small businesses, and manages volunteer relations. Her dedication to fostering a sense of community and strengthening small business restaurants paves the way to uplifting individuals in Little Saigon. Outside of FLS, Alina’s passion for the environment fuels her volunteer work with conservation efforts. She believes digital literacy can be a powerful tool for environmental awareness, and she’s exploring ways to integrate sustainability education into future community outreach initiatives for Little Saigon businesses. She recently graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Diversity from the University of Washington.

Valerie Tran

Operations Director

Valerie Tran (she/her) is the Operations Director for FLS and is responsible for overseeing its daily operations and programs. Valerie works at the intersection of urban planning and public health to foster healthy, safe, and dignified neighborhoods. Before FLS, she was a consultant to neighborhood and downtown organizations throughout the country, helping them plan for greater cultural and economic vitality. She previously served on the board of FLS and the International Special Review District board, and she is currently council to Historic Seattle Preservation & Development Authority. Valerie has master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Public Health from University of Michigan.

Anh Nguyen

Arts & Culture Program Manager

Anh Nguyen (she/her) is the Arts & Culture Program Manager for FLS and is responsible for its arts and culture program offerings at the Little Saigon Creative and in the neighborhood. Anh believes in the transformative and educational power of the arts, and is committed to making it accessible for members of the community. She hopes to uplift and support up-and-coming artists of Vietnamese descent and the AANHPI diaspora. Outside of FLS, Anh is a practicing artist and has worked for and collaborated with local artists and institutions in the Pacific Northwest. She received her BA in Art, Honors with a concentration in Painting + Drawing from the University of Washington.

Cookie Trout

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Cookie Trout (she/they) is the Content Marketing Coordinator at FLS. She first arrived in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District in 2019 as a volunteer for Japantown Seattle, Seattle Asian American Film Festival, and Wing Luke Museum. Her goal is to share the the unique cultural and historic significance of this neighborhood with everybody. She is an experienced non-profit communications worker focused on sharing community-based stories.

Felix Tran

Arts & Culture Program Coordinator

Felix Tran (he/him) is the Arts & Culture Program Coordinator at FLS. Felix a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer who’s passionate about preserving Seattle’s art scene and advocating for queer visibility. His creative journey has led him to explore the intersection of art, identity, and culture, which brings him to FLS. He’s excited to foster and celebrate the diverse voices that make Little Saigon so special.

Board of Directors

Josh Brevoort – Zero Plus Architects
Hong Chhuor – Friends of the Children – Seattle
Dr. Tam Dinh – Seattle University
Mytoan Nguyen-Akbar – City of Seattle
Vy Nguyen – Port of Seattle
Huy Pham – Asian and Pacific Islanders in Historic Preservation
Steve Scheele – WA Attorney General’s Office
Leeching Tran – Viet-Wah Supermarkets

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